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What to Ask Before You Lease Office Space

Office Leasing Questions

After identifying your office space needs and your preferred location, you will have to choose the best office space leasing offer. An important thing to consider when selecting the best leasing option is the value you get for the price. Here are the most critical questions to ask before signing a lease.
How much is the monthly lease, what’s the lease term and what does it include? Are the Property Management Fee, State Tax, Utilities, and other Maintenance Taxes included in the lease? In some smaller office spaces, the cost of utilities may not be calculated separately but in larger spaces, the tenant often has to establish their own separately metered utilities.

Are there going to be any changes to my lease over time? What are the factors that can increase my office space lease? Can I make changes to the office space? In some cases tenant improvements can be negotiated at the landlord’s expense, often on the longer term leases. In other cases the tenant may negotiate the right to alter the layout at the tenant’s expenses.

Can I make changes to the lease? What happens if I need to break the lease? Getting out of a lease is no small thing. The tenant is generally responsible for the rent for the duration of the contract. Knowing what are your options in case you need the terminate the leasing agreement before the end of term, is very important.
Are there any costs associated with extending the lease? This is another important question which needs to be addressed when signing the lease agreement.
What are CAM charges? CAM stands for Common Area Maintenance and CAM charges refer to the cost of services and charges to maintain common areas, including any parking areas owned by the building owner. This can include landscape services, common area lighting, parking lot maintenance, cleaning service for common areas, and other. The actual expenses are shared by all tenants and are quoted as CAM charges.
What is NNN when appearing in a lease rate? The term “NNN” refers to any additional actual expense items incurred by the building that are split between all tenants. This may include insurance, property taxes, or CAM if CAM is not included separately. It may be
called “Additional Rent” rather than NNN.
Is there a Preexisting Condition Clause in the leasing agreement? Check to see what are your obligations in regards to the office space at the end of the leasing agreement. If you have made changes to the office space is most likely that you will have to leave to office in the same condition (or accepted office space standards) as it was when you moved in.
Are there any additional costs to the lease? Many office space properties would advertise cheap office space prices but add additional hidden costs in the leasing agreement.
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