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Tips for finding office space

Finding Office Space

If you are currently looking for leasing an office space you may consider the following tips for finding office space.

Regardless if you are a new business or have been in business for many years, the process of finding office space can be completely overwhelming and stressful.¬†However, there are many ways to find office space for rent. In a difficult economy, in most places you can simply drive around and see “for lease” signs posted. If you can contact a leasing broker or experienced tenant representative you may be able to negotiate a better deal.

You can lease directly from the office space property and even get a month of free rent because leasing directly to the tenant, the leasing property saves money and do not have to pay commission fees to a third party.

Other ways to find space include:

  • Click on your state, then county, then type of classified you are looking for. One of the benefits of finding properties on Craig’s list is that many listings are posted by individuals. If a landlord can lease or sublease space without using a realtor they save money – savings that they may be willing to pass along to you.
  • Local Newspapers: You can look in your local paper for listings by realtors, but pay close attention to listings posted by individuals. Landlords who can rent their space without using a realtor save by not having to pay a commission. Be sure to try and use that knowledge to your financial advantage.
  • The Internet: To use Internet search engines to find office space for lease, first type in the city and state where you are looking for space and any of the following keywords:
  • “city state office space for lease,”
  • “city state lease office space,” or other similar terms.

Start your search process at least six months prior to when you plan to actually move in. Finding office space can take several months and there are many variables which factor in to your ability to move in once you have found the right place. The space may need extensive renovations or there may be delays with the paperwork process or any unexpected events.

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