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The Virtual Office Space Solution

Virtual Office Space Pros and Cons


Regardless if you’re searching for Dallas virtual office space in Las Colinas or if you are located in another part of the world, this article will help you understand the pros and cons of the virtual office space solution. In today’s economically volatile environment it is vital for small businesses and startups to look for ways to reduce business overhead costs while still maintaining efficiency. A virtual office space can be the most professional office leasing option for many entrepreneurs and low-risk start-ups. Most office space properties provide virtual office space solutions at affordable rates. Besides a prestigious address, a virtual office may come with receptionist to answer calls on a virtual phone number,a number of meeting space hours and other additional services. However there are pros and cons to leasing a virtual office.

Virtual Office Space Benefits

A virtual office space solutions typically provides a suite of technology services anywhere you go around the world, including messaging, fax, remote receptionists that answer phones for you, and web applications. As a virtual office space renter you may have access to a locked mailbox and mail service, conference room for meetings, and all the convenience of a dedicated office space but without the overhead. Additionally virtual offices can collect and forward your mail from a prestigious address and set up 800 numbers and/or a dedicated phone line with receptionist service.

The virtual office space provides a practical solution to cut out commuting time and expenses, the investment of leasing and equipping a traditional office lease, and the hassle of hiring staff.
While you can invest your time and money into the core aspects of your business instead of in officing. Virtual office space rates are very affordable, packages varying between  a $100 and $250 a month.  Another great advantage is that you can set up a virtual office in a matter of hours instead of weeks, and with almost no effort on your part.

Virtual Office Space – The Downside

The cons of leasing a virtual office is that it works only for a certain type of business or startups. It can not give you the same level of professionalism as an elegant dedicated office customized to your brand and company. If you need a temporary office space solution, or if you employ a distributed workforce, the virtual office solution can meet your communications and collaboration needs at a fraction of the cost of traditional office space solutions. If you operate a bricks-and-mortar type of business, the best office space solution will most probably be a dedicated office space in a standard location.

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