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How to Plan a Company Holiday Party

Planning a Holiday Party For Your Co-Workers

Planning a company holiday party is not as easy as you may think. It requires the allocation of a budget, a party planner, a good location and some fun ideas, considering you will be throwing a party for your employees/co-workers and their families.
The starting point is choosing a date and an idea or theme for the party. To make sure you have the consent of the majority, you may ask for ideas from your co-workers or even take a poll. Second, find out what’s the allocated budget for the company holiday party and choose a location. If your office is not large enough to host a company holiday party you may choose a location somewhere in town. This can be a restaurant, a hotel event room or other event space. It’s important to choose a location with easy access and parking space. If you choose a restaurant or rent event space in a hotel which provides food and beverage service, make sure to negotiate group rates and package prices, and if in a restaurant, ask for a separate room.
If you decide on organizing a simple holiday party where each employee pays his (her) own tab or menu, then it’s best to choose a venue with moderate prices which will be affordable for everyone.
Reserve your location and send out the invitations. Work with the restaurant or the catering company to create the menu. If served a la carte, there are usually 2 or even three menu choices available to the guests. However most company holidays parties have buffet menus as they are easier to set and serve. Attention when choosing the drinks and food menu, find out if children will be present and have a special menu just for them. Another important aspect in organizing a company holiday party is event space decoration. In some cases the event venu will take care of decorating the space for an extra fee, or you may choose to decorate the event space on your own. Next, is entertainment, which may be the most important element in organizing the best company holiday party, where guests will have fun and socialize. You may hire professional entertainers such as a D.J., comedian, magician, dancers, etc. and prepare games, organize a tombola or gift exchange. Additionally you may want to have some pictures taken by a professional photographer and record your company holiday party on video, not only for memory keeping but as well for sharing this fun event with your company fans on your site and on the social networks. Hope this information will help you organize a amazing company holiday party where everyone will have fun!

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