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How to Maximize a Small Office Space

How to get the most out of a small office space

The more time you spend in your small office, the more important it is that you have an efficient, compact work space. The key to choosing the best office space is flexibility. This allows you to grow your company’s infrastructure without having to find a new location. If you are feeling cramped in your small office but you’re either locked in a lease or simply you enjoy the location and other benefits that come with it, then the only solution is to maximize your small office and make the best use of the workspace.

How can you maximize smaller office spaces?

When trying to maximize a small office space, focus on making use of the space and its
functionality. Before anything else, identify what needs to be stored and where; determine what needs to be accessible and develop an organization routine.

Make use of common areas

Make use of common areas, if you have a reception area, add chairs and a coffee table and give life to the room with a live plant.


According to a study by the US Telecommuting Network, about 40 percent of all current jobs can at least be partially done at home.

Go Paperless

Go paperless, adopt the cloud computing technology. Cloud computing has been changing how most people use the web and how they store their files. Reducing the reliance on paper not only will save you money, increase your effectiveness and help with decluttering, but will also have a positive environmental impact.

Declutter and define your space.

Today everything is kept in the computer, there is no need for a big desk, workstation, file cabinets, etc.

Use an innovative interior design concept.

It can include installing wall-to-wall commercial carpeting or an engineered wood floor, painting the walls in a light color to make the space seem larger, adding a mirror to create the illusion of a larger space and a colorful oil painting on the wall, using LED lighting, lamps, and small office furniture pieces. Smaller scale furniture saves more space. If you still need physical storage in addition to cloud computing, utilize the vertical space adding shelves, attaching sturdy pockets to your walls, and stylish wall hooks for coats and sweaters.

To save money on maximizing your office space you can refurbish old office furniture, make use of coupons for furniture, decor as well as hardware, software and electronic equipment.

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